Office Furniture - We Build Solutions That Work

We've grown up in the automotive industry. We know that the name of the game is partnership. We partner with our customers to provide innovative solutions that reduce vehicle weight, extend service life, simplify assembly and save money.

N-K Manufacturing Technologies LLC has earned the reputation as a "go-to" company in the auto industry. When our customers have a problem with a design issue or a manufacturing process, they turn to N-K Manufacturing Technologies LLC to solve their toughest problems.

From a concept to design validation or from prototype to production, we offer a full suite of services to reduce your overall project timing and cost.
The office furniture industry continues to look for ways to produce durable, comfortable and functional products for the workplace. Leading OEMs have partnered with N-K Manufacturing Technologies LLC to shift from using metal and other materials to now widely used and develop plastic components that are lighter, easier to assemble, and yet dependable.

We make a broad range of office furniture solutions, from chair components and mechanisms to light assemblies and panel components.

Automotive - We Like a Challenge

N-K Manufacturing Technologies LLC wants to be every place you and your customers are. We can take you from home to the workplace and back again. In between it all, we want to help build the vehicles that get you safely from one place to another.

Industries Served

N-K Manufacturing Technologies LLC has been serving the appliance industry for nearly two decades. We produce sealing solutions for makers of large appliances as well as two-shot applications for 'soft feel' handles and assemblies.

Our team actively works to build on this success to grow our stakes in the consumer goods market.

Appliances - We Have a Growing Place in the Home